> Blocks 100% of spam but never any legitimate messages—unlike annoying spam filters!
> Gives you a powerful new way to communicate that unleashes the full power of the Net
> Makes Internet dating free & creates new ways to meet offline, too!
> Enables you to leave your contact info anywhere without worrying about spammers or moderators
> Eliminates the hassle of keeping contacts informed of your current e-mail address
> Saves time and safeguards your privacy
> Helps you become more healthy, happy, intelligent, creative, and successful—yes, really! Here's how
  Rearrange your contact list  

Click the button below to begin the process of reordering your contact list. You will be able to reorder your list by dragging and dropping items on the next page, which is on the site (developed by the same person who created MySpamSponge). You will then return to this site to confirm & save your list. More info about dragging and dropping