> Blocks 100% of spam but never any legitimate messages—unlike annoying spam filters!
> Gives you a powerful new way to communicate that unleashes the full power of the Net
> Makes Internet dating free & creates new ways to meet offline, too!
> Enables you to leave your contact info anywhere without worrying about spammers or moderators
> Eliminates the hassle of keeping contacts informed of your current e-mail address
> Saves time and safeguards your privacy
> Helps you become more healthy, happy, intelligent, creative, and successful—yes, really! Here's how

About Us

I developed this site for a simple reason: I was sick of spam, and tired of waiting for the geniuses at Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Norton, et al., to solve this problem. Yes, there are plenty of attempted remedies for spam such as filters and challenge-response gimmicks, but they're often more annoying than spam itself.

As a doctor, author, inventor, and business owner, I can't take a chance that a spam filter will block only spam and deliver all legitimate messages to my inbox. I've received e-mails from a famous Hollywood producer hoping to turn one of my books into a movie, many journalists and talk show hosts requesting interviews, and businesses interested in one of my inventions. Obviously, losing just one of their messages could be costly. Sure, I could scan the junk mail folder for good messages, but I can do that with less fuss when everything goes into my inbox.

Even if you aren't in business and hoping to land a deal with someone in Hollywood, you probably are equally concerned about the messages you receive. You might hear from long-lost friends, old flames, or dear ol' Mom.

If you sign up for MySpamSponge and follow the advice in the FAQ page, you could go from hundreds of spam messages per day to none in the next decade. However, you will also reap a number of other benefits that I summarized in the * bulleted list at the top of the page.

The claim you might be most skeptical of is the one about saving time. The send-a-message page does require you to initially do more than you would sending an ordinary message via e-mail, but the page becomes much simpler once you set your contact info and are approved to bypass the CAPTCHA step. After that, sending messages via MySpamSponge will take less time than it now does via your e-mail client (such as Outlook Express). You'll save even more time once you're not dealing with spam and its consequences.

What I like most about MySpamSponge is how it gives people the freedom to leave their contact info anywhere on the Net without worrying about spammers. People are so cowered by the fear of spam bots harvesting their e-mail addresses that they don't post them, and hence don't fully utilize the power of the Internet to connect people. Your personal hyperlink™, or even just your handle (contact code), effectively gives you your own secure contact form that tags along everywhere you go. Use it if you wish, or omit it—it's your choice.

For example, consider this scenario, which has happened to me innumerable times: I am surfing the Web and read a forum posting from someone seeking help about a health problem, computer snafu, or homeowner's headache. I enjoy helping people and I would love to respond, but the person seeking help rarely has any direct contact info posted. I can't reply on that forum without registering, and I simply don't have enough time to register at every forum I encounter and keep track of my user information. Even if I did reply, the person may never check back for responses. The forum may offer a way to notify people of responses to their postings, but the user may have changed his or her e-mail address in the meantime. In contrast, MySpamSponge makes it easy for people to connect, even if many years have gone by.

Another example: You'd like to directly respond to someone who posted a blog comment, but there's often no way to do that—or if there is a way, it usually requires a multi-step registration process at each of the 10,000 blogs you've seen. Then, to respond to someone, you must log in again. Each . . . time . . . at . . . every . . . blog . . . sorry, but there aren't 48 hours in a day. MySpamSponge thus offers a universal way for Internet users to easily communicate without the hazards of divulging your e-mail address.

MySpamSponge has 1001 other uses, including helping you meet people offline. The FAQ page gives more ways in which MySpamSponge is helpful, but there are more applications for it than the ones I've thought of. If you think of something, please tell me about it. To contact me, enter my spamdoctor handle on this page, or click the link below, which will prefill the handle for you:

Incidentally, I am now developing something else that will become more indispensable to more people than the Internet. I can't tell you what it is just yet, but I will say that MySpamSponge functionality will be used to enhance its capabilities somewhat. Want another clue? The device can be used alone or in conjunction with the Internet and, unlike most high-tech gizmos, it will be incredibly easy to operate. Even technophobes who can't program a VCR could use my invention with ease! BTW, the device has nothing to do with spam or the other MySpamSponge applications discussed in this site, so if you're trying to think what it might be, think outside the box . . . really outside the box.

I have several pending additions to this site, but with 20+ other web sites in addition to several books and countless inventions to work on, those supplemental features will have to wait for the time being. Speaking of the books, can you guess which one might be turned into a movie? :-)

After using MySpamSponge, get only the messages you want -- NO SPAM!