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Note to kids: If you are like most kids, you probably can't wait to grow up and do things that adults do. Adult stuff seems more fun, right? Sometimes it is, but usually it is not, thus explaining why so few adults are truly happy. As a doctor, I've seen what happens to kids who try to grow up too fast. They're often miserable, and may even ruin the rest of their lives. So here is my advice: Don't try to rush it! Enjoy your childhood and do things that kids should do. If you are interested in ER stories, choose only the ones above for kids. You will find them to be more enjoyable . . . trust me, I am a doctor!

Now that I am dispensing free advice, here is some more: Don't eat so many sweets, spend less time watching TV/playing video games/using your computer and more time getting physical activity, and always listen to your parents because they're almost always right. Tell them that you love them, and show them that you love them by doing the right things. If you do that, you are more likely to have a wonderful life.