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Offline dating — that is, dating in the real world. The hard part is, how do you meet people? That's where this card comes in. It can help you meet more people than you could online, and it's free. Find out more >


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Review by David Hacker, Prime Time News & Observer: There's an odd fascination with the way Pezzi's mind works. He is a scholar, bright (possibly brilliant), and single-minded. There's plenty of useful information . . . some interesting tidbits . . . life-saving tips . . . and amusing historic trivia. For the most part, you can take this book seriously. At the same time, you can have fun with its folksy, whimsical and chatty style.

This book contains intriguing tips on medicine, beauty, health, sleep, nutrition, weight loss, longevity, exercise, brainpower, sexual attraction, and sex, but you probably think that all health books are boring. Here's what one reviewer (Alan Jakeway, Northern Express) said about Fascinating Health Secrets: "You've got to hand it to Dr. Pezzi — he knows how to craft a health book that's as gripping as a ride through a big city ER. While many health books are as dry and dull as a surgeon's medical transcript, Dr. Pezzi brings a good bedside manner to his book, blending humor, first-person insights and a folksy wisdom with cutting edge medicine. Fascinating Health Secrets is a 'good read' page-turner that will keep your attention at the beach as well as any summer novel. Dr. Pezzi's encyclopedic scope is aided by equal measures of humor and intelligence." Find out more >